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Google Translator

Hi Superstrijder! In the past few weeks we have started to integrate the Google Translator into our wiki. We know that machine translated text can not be as accurate as the translation supplied by a native speaker, but for us it is a great opportunity to offer English (and other languages) all at once, with nearly null time and effort. Perhaps you may have a look at some examples and tell us what you think about it? Just click the flag symbol in the upper-right corner.
Meanwhile, I am very pessimistic about translation by hand. Your effort is awesome, but can you imagine whether we have any real chance to come close up to more than 40 000 articles ... I do not want to disencourage you, on the other hand you should consider twice before spending lots of time. --Klenzy (Diskussion) 09:05, 8. Feb. 2018 (CET)

Interessting, it seems to be working quite well. The main issue I can see is that ultraslachtschiff is translated as ultra-light vessel, which is a bit of a misnomer. This is definitly more useful than all the translating I could do in a year of dedicated translating! I may still continue to do dedicated translation of pages which I require to be translated correctly, this time by correcting the inaccuracies in the translation, but I may also just stop entirely. --Superstrijder15 (Diskussion) 11:48, 19. Feb. 2018 (CET)
Yes, sometimes the automatic translation is a little bit strange. However, it is much better nowadays than I could have imagined ten years ago.
You may stop translating or continue, just as you like. You're always welcome! --Klenzy (Diskussion) 13:32, 19. Feb. 2018 (CET)

English pages

Hi Superstrijder, please look here. You may now copy your English articles from the test wiki to the productive wiki. --Klenzy (Diskussion) 14:32, 18. Dez. 2017 (CET)


Hallo Superstrijder15! Herzlich willkommen bei der Perrypedia! Wir freuen uns immer, wenn neue Perrypedianauten zu uns stoßen! :-)

Falls noch nicht geschehen, solltest du dir ein paar Minuten Zeit für die Vorstellung der Perrypedia und die Grundregeln nehmen, um dir einen ersten Überblick über unsere Zusammenarbeit zu verschaffen. Sehr viel mehr Informationen gibt es im Handbuch. Fragen stellst du am besten hier: Perrypedia:Ich brauche Hilfe. Wir Perrypedianauten helfen gerne. Wenn du mal etwas ausprobieren willst, dann ist auf der Spielwiese Platz dafür.

Mein Tipp für Deinen Einstieg in Perrypedia: Sei mutig! ;-)

Wichtig: Beachte bitte immer die Copyright-Problematik! Prinzipiell gilt beim Schreiben von Texten: Heft durchlesen, zuklappen und mit eigenen Worten wiedergeben. Dann bist Du in Sachen Urheberrecht auf der sicheren Seite. --JoKaene 09:52, 12. Sep. 2017 (CEST)

Hello JoKaene, thanks for welcoming me. My German isn't so good, but I do want to help with expanding the (pitifully small it seems) English section of the wiki. A few question regarding that:
When making new articles, should I retain the German name? What is the addition used to mark it as English?
Is there an easy way to find only English articles, or a way to check if there is an English version of an article?
Is there a template for new articles? Wait, found those, they seem translatable. --Benutzer:Superstrijder15 17:53, 12 sept 2017
Hallo JoKaene, Ich dank Du fur willkommen mich. Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, aber Ich willt hilfen mit die Erweiterung von die Englische wiki. Ich hab einige Fragen:
Wie Ich mache neue Artikelen, ist die Name dieselbe wie die Duetsche name? Wie transformiert die Name?
Ist da ein Weise fur finden Englische Artikelen oder fur Weissen ob da sind ein Englisch variante von ein Artikel? --Benutzer:Superstrijder15 18:03, 12 sept 2017
P.S. My starting work will be a bunch of pages which I need to exist because to get a valid application for a RPG I want to join I need English material, which seems not to exist as far as I know. 19:01
Hello again! Once we thought about english written articles, but i'm sorry to tell you: we got none untill now! So, if you really want to write new articles, it has to be done in german, especially the headline! We are only a small wiki with only a few permanent working members. So it's hard to be multilingual. I'm really happy about your offer, but in this moment i can't tell you, in wich way you can help us. --JoKaene 19:14, 12. Sep. 2017 (CEST)
So you don't have any content pages in English? That's too bad! The international main page seems to suggest though that you do want English content pages. Just to prevent any confusion, what do you mean by 'especially the headline'? --Superstrijder15 (Diskussion) 19:24, 12. Sep. 2017 (CEST)